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Buffalo Payday Loans

Buffalo is the second largest city in New York. It is known for its role as a leader in the bio industry and for its vast port that is one of the largest in the United State. Buffalo residents also enjoy a diverse entertainment scene which includes year-round major league sports action, a wonderful selection of food festivals and a great independent music scene. All of these traits have attracted a wide variety of banks, biotechnology firms and service industries to the area. These industries are expected to create jobs for Buffalo during the next decade. However, many Buffalo residents still need help occasionally paying for emergency expenses. Buffalo residents can get the emergency cash they need to pay for these expenses by obtaining a payday loan from a Buffalo payday loan lender. Many Buffalo payday lenders use the power of the Internet to simply the payday loan process. This makes it easy for Buffalo residents to get the quick cash they need without the hassles associated with paper sign ups. As a result, Buffalo residents can trust a local payday loan provider to help them get the emergency funds they need to pay for life's unexpected contingencies.

Customer Statistics

Requested Amount

Average requested loan amt


Total Buffalo population


Average annual income

$26,582 yr

Average customer age

36 years of age
Top 3 Financial Institutions
  • Bank of America
  • HSBC
  • Citizens Bank
Top 3 Employers
  • Citigroup
  • Bank of America
  • Buffalo Board of Education
Own vs. Rent

Percentage of users that own their home vs. those who rent.

Buffalo Own vs. Rent
Checking vs. Savings

Percentage of users that deposited their loan into a checking account vs. savings.

Buffalo Checking vs. Savings
Employment vs. Benefits

Percentage of users with employment income vs. those on benefits.

Buffalo Employment vs. Benefits
* Statistics derived from private sources and the Census Bureau.

Buffalo Cash Advance Store Locations

There are many Buffalo cash advance locations which go the extra mile to help Buffalo residents get the emergency funds they need quickly. Here is a listing of some of Buffalo's most popular payday loan providers compiled by www.easyonlinepaydayloan.com that can help you find a payday loan provider in your neighborhood. Visit one of these stores today to learn more about their products and services!

Gold Start Money Mart

973 Fillmore Ave
Buffalo, NY 14211

Jsg Cash Management

2211 Sheridan Dr
Buffalo, NY 14223

Credit Unions

Are you overpaying for auto loans, mortgages and other lines of credit? Buffalo's credit unions offer lower interest rates on loans, credit cards and mortgages. They also offer fantastic customer service and lots of perks that banks can't match. As a result, Buffalo residents can get more for their money by doing business with their local credit union. Use this list of Buffalo credit unions to see why many Buffalo residents have already switched to a local credit union for all of their banking needs.

Adam Plewacki Post 799 FCU

385 Paderewski Drive
Buffalo, NY 14212
(716) 854-2774

Buffalo Metropolitan FCU

62 South Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14202
(716) 847-6960

Buffalo Postal Community FCU

1155 William Street
Buffalo, NY 14206
(716) 854-2458

Chob Federal Credit Union

219 Bryant Street
Buffalo, NY 14222
(716) 878-7718

Erie Metro Federal CU

3291 Lake Shore Road
Buffalo, NY 14219
(716) 826-1976

Erie Metro Federal CU

462 Grider Street
Buffalo, NY 14215
(716) 898-3482

Family & Neighbors Federal CU

295 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14203
(716) 849-0350

Financial Trust Federal CU

3333 Harlem Road
Buffalo, NY 14225
(716) 831-3007

Financial Trust Federal CU

1510 Hertel Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14216
(716) 837-6813

Morton R Lane Federal CU

Elm and Carlton St
Buffalo, NY 14263
(716) 845-5941

Riverside Credit Union

245 Vulcan Street
Buffalo, NY 14207
(716) 875-1747

St. John's Buffalo FCU

2322 Seneca Street
Buffalo, NY 14210
(716) 823-1527

Tonawanda Community Fed CU

257 Highland Parkway
Buffalo, NY 14223
(716) 332-1309

UHD Federal Credit Union

562 Genesee Street
Buffalo, NY 14204
(716) 856-4476

Urban Biscuit Workers FCU

243 Urban Street
Buffalo, NY 14211
(716) 891-6564

Economic Assistance

Buffalo's tough economic conditions have made it difficult for many residents to make a living. Fortunately, there are several firms in the Buffalo area which can help residents get back on their feet financially. Many of these firms are listed below. These firms can help Buffalo residents find the things they need to get back on their feet financially. Therefore, if you need to put your finances in order, be sure to visit one of these firms for more information.

Adecco Staffing

737 Delaware Avenue, Ste 116
Buffalo, NY 14209
(716) 883-2580


1551 Niagara Falls Boulevard
Buffalo, NY 14228
(716) 835-4005

Buffalo Employment and Training Center

77 Goodell Street
Buffalo, NY 14203
(716) 856-5627

EGW Temporaries Inc

1700 Clinton St, Ste 1
Buffalo, NY 14206
(716) 822-6166


726 Exchange Street, Suite 818
Buffalo, NY 14210
(716) 842-0852

Premier Staffing

2959 Genesee Street
Buffalo, NY 14225
(716) 894-0249

Snelling Personnel Services

420 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14202
(716) 854-8282


300 Langner Rd, Ste 8
Buffalo, NY 14224
(716) 332-1208


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