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Sacramento Payday Loans

As California's state capitol, Sacramento has enjoyed a rich history as an agricultural and transportation hub. It has grown from its early days as a Gold Rush distribution center to a modern city featuring a very good higher education system, major sports franchises and a well-developed health care insurance industry. As a result, it's not surprising that Sacramento's major employers include a major HMO, several colleges and universities and firms that cater to tourists. Even though these industries provide great employment opportunities, Sacramento residents often need help paying for emergency expenses. That's why there are several reputable payday loan providers in Sacramento which offer payday loans that can be used to pay for unforeseen expenses. Many Sacramento residents rely on local payday loan providers because most lenders use a simple appeal process that takes the guesswork out of borrowing money. Furthermore, most lenders in Sacramento also make it easy to repay a payday loan. As a result, it's no wonder that Sacramento residents trust local payday loan providers for all of their emergency cash needs. To see for yourself, visit one of your local Sacramento payday loan providers listed on this page.

Customer Statistics

Requested Amount

Average requested loan amt


Total Sacramento population


Average annual income

$32,015 yr

Average customer age

37 years of age
Top 3 Financial Institutions
  • Bank of America
  • Wells Fargo
  • US Bank
Top 3 Employers
  • State of California
  • Freedom Financial
  • Verizon Wireless
Own vs. Rent

Percentage of users that own their home vs. those who rent.

Sacramento Own vs. Rent
Checking vs. Savings

Percentage of users that deposited their loan into a checking account vs. savings.

Sacramento Checking vs. Savings
Employment vs. Benefits

Percentage of users with employment income vs. those on benefits.

Sacramento Employment vs. Benefits
* Statistics derived from private sources and the Census Bureau.

Sacramento Cash Advance Store Locations

Most Sacramento cash advance stores make it easy to request the money you need to pay for emergency expenses. Many local cash advance stores use the Internet to streamline the payday loan appeal process. That's why the payday loan experts at www.easyonlinepaydayloan.com have made it easy to locate reputable payday loan providers in Sacramento. The following is a list of reputable Sacramento payday loan providers who would be glad to help you get the quick cash you need to meet life's emergencies. Give one of them a call to see how they can help you get the emergency cash you need today or simply fill out the online form on this page.

16th Street Check Cashing

615 16th St
Sacramento, CA 95814

Ace Cash Express

2419 Del Paso Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95815

Advance America

7828 Gerber Rd
Sacramento, CA 95828

Advance Till Payday

1830 Fulton Ave
Sacramento, CA 95825

California Check Cashing

2433 Northgate Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95833

Cash & Go

6244 Mack Rd
Sacramento, CA 95823

Check Max Plus

5207 Madison Ave # B
Sacramento, CA 95841

Fast Auto & Payday Loans

3910 Fruitridge Rd
Sacramento, CA 95820
(916) 395-7028

Money Mart

2001 Broadway
Sacramento, CA 95818

Credit Unions

Are you fed up with banks that charge high fees and offer bad customer service? Sacramento credit unions offer lower interest rates on loans, personalized service and many convenient locations. Come discover the reasons why more Sacramento residents are turning to credit unions for all of their banking needs. Here is a list of local Sacramento credit unions which offer their members so much more than just a bank account.

Big Valley Federal Credit Union

3111 Wissemann Drive
Sacramento, CA 95826
(916) 383-0691

First US Community Credit Union

580 University Ave, Ste 100
Sacramento, CA 95825
(916) 576-5700

Golden 1 Credit Union

2120 K Street
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 732-2900

Golden 1 Credit Union

2550 W El Camino Ave, Ste 15
Sacramento, CA 95833
(916) 732-2900

Golden 1 Credit Union

1330 Florin Road
Sacramento, CA 95831
(916) 732-2900

Golden 1 Credit Union

2360 Stockton Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95817
(916) 732-2900

Operating Engineers Credit Union

3920 Lennane Dr, Ste 110
Sacramento, CA 95834
(916) 565-6190

Operating Engineers Credit Union

9806 Old Winery Place
Sacramento, CA 95827
(916) 369-6752

Postal Credit Union

1485 River Park Drive
Sacramento, CA 95815
(916) 921-5050

Sacramento Credit Union

800 H Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 444-6070

Safe Credit Union

4500 Orange Grove Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95841
(800) 733-7233

Schools Financial Credit Union

1631 Claudia Drive
Sacramento, CA 95822
(916) 569-5400

Schools Financial Credit Union

8848 Calvine Road, Ste 110
Sacramento, CA 95828
(916) 569-5400

Sterlent Credit Union

2648 Watt Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95821
(866) 783-7536

The Golden 1 Credit Union

8945 Cal Center Dr
Sacramento, CA 95826
(916) 732-2900

The Golden 1 Credit Union

2415 1st Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 732-2900

Economic Assistance

Today's tough economy has made it difficult for many Sacramento residents to make ends meet. Thankfully, there are many local firms which can help Sacramento residents take control of their finances. The following firms in Sacramento offer residents an opportunity to get their finances back on track. Contact them today for more information on programs in your area.


2425 Fair Oaks Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95825
(916) 483-9180


1435 River Park Dr, Ste 320
Sacramento, CA 95815
(916) 648-0500

Kelly Services

2805 J Street, Ste 240
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 441-2440


1740 Arden Way
Sacramento, CA 95815

Nelson Staffing

8950 Cal Center Dr, Ste 150
Sacramento, CA 95826
(916) 854-4000

Pacific Staffing

855 Howe Ave, Ste 4
Sacramento, CA 95825
(916) 925-2300


502 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 326-5171

Sacramento Employment & Training

7000 Franklin Blvd, Ste 540
Sacramento, CA 95823
(916) 262-3200

Sacramento Job Corps Center

3100 Meadowview Road
Sacramento, CA 95832
(916) 429-0627

Sacramento Placement Services

455 Capitol Mall, Ste 403
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 446-3544


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