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Stockton Payday Loans

Stockton, California is located near the San Francisco Bay area. Stockton is well known for its festivals, farmers markets and theaters. It is also famous for its minor league sports teams, its unique architecture, its colleges and universities and for its role as an important hub during the Gold Rush. In addition, Stockton is also one of California's most prominent port cities. Many importers take advantage of Stockton's location to bring goods from around the world into California. Therefore, it's not surprising to see that Stockton's leading employers include importers, colleges and universities and food packing companies. Many Stockton residents who work in these industries sometimes need help to pay for home repairs, prescription medications and other emergency expenses. Stockton residents who need to pay for these emergency expenses right away should consider requesting a payday loan for the quick cash they need. This is true because Stockton payday loan underwriters use a paperless appeal process that makes it easy to expedite approval of payday loans.

Customer Statistics

Requested Amount

Average requested loan amt


Total Stockton population


Average annual income

$30,876 yr

Average customer age

38 years of age
Top 3 Financial Institutions
  • Bank of America
  • Wells Fargo
  • Washington Mutual
Top 3 Employers
  • Stockton Unified School District
  • San Joaquin County
  • Washington Mutual
Own vs. Rent

Percentage of users that own their home vs. those who rent.

Stockton Own vs. Rent
Checking vs. Savings

Percentage of users that deposited their loan into a checking account vs. savings.

Stockton Checking vs. Savings
Employment vs. Benefits

Percentage of users with employment income vs. those on benefits.

Stockton Employment vs. Benefits
* Statistics derived from private sources and the Census Bureau.

Stockton Cash Advance Store Locations

Stockton, California has many cash advance stores which strive to help consumers find solutions to their short-term financial problems. These stores offer several convenient loan products which feature affordable repayment plans and other reasonable terms. They also offer Stockton residents competitive interest rates on short term loans. Here is a list of Stockton cash advance stores which can help consumers solve their short-term financial problems. Be sure to visit one of these locations today for more details about Stockton's payday loan programs!

A Z Check Cashing

6037 Pacific Ave
Stockton, CA 95207

Ace Cash Express

1189 E March Ln
Stockton, CA 95210

Allied Cash Advance

2828 Country Club Blvd
Stockton, CA 95204

California Check Cashing

678 N Wilson Way # 39
Stockton, CA 95205

California Check Cashing Svc

301 E Weber Ave
Stockton, CA 95202

California Stop

2224 Manthey Rd
Stockton, CA 95206

Credit Unions

Are you searching for a better way to access local banking services? Stockton credit unions offer members a better way to do business that most banks can't match. This is the case because Stockton credit unions offer members deep discounts on lines of credit, auto loans and ATM fees. They also offer members a wide variety of banking and checking accounts which can help members use their money more wisely. As a result, it pays to be a member of a Stockton, California credit union! To see why, here is a list of Stockton area credit unions which are always accepting membership requests.

Allied Credit Union

2131 West March Lane
Stockton, CA 95207
(209) 235-9119

Awppw Local Credit Union

6364 Lindbergh Street
Stockton, CA 95206
(209) 234-4388

Central State Credit Union

919 North Center Street
Stockton, CA 95202
(209) 444-5300

Eagle Credit Union

4245 West Lane
Stockton, CA 95208
(209) 941-2261

Financial Center Credit Union

18 South Center Street
Stockton, CA 95202
(209) 948-6024

Premier Community Credit Union

1267 N Country Club Blvd
Stockton, CA 95204
(209) 235-1100

Premier Community Credit Union

3315 West Benjamin Holt Drive
Stockton, CA 95219
(209) 235-1109

Premier Community Credit Union

3355 W Benjamin Holt
Stockton, CA 95209
(209) 235-1110

Rarin Federal Credit Union

218 Rough and Ready Is
Stockton, CA 95203
(209) 933-9275

Sacramento Credit Union

7373 West Lane
Stockton, CA 95210
(209) 472-7572

Economic Assistance

Today's current economic bind has made it difficult for some Stockton residents to manage their expenses. This has made it difficult for many Stockton residents to make ends meet. Nonetheless, there are many Stockton businesses and organizations which can help residents find ways to manage their expenses. Here is a list of some of the most popular Stockton organizations that can help Stockton residents manage their expenses.


1776 W March Ln, Ste 120
Stockton, CA 95207
(209) 955-2660

Cornerstone Staffing

2121 Boeing Way
Stockton, CA 95206
(209) 982-9625

Employment Development Department

31 E Channel St, Ste 219
Stockton, CA 95202
(209) 956-1438

Hedy Holmes Staffing Services

1503 East March Lane
Stockton, CA 95210
(209) 957-9630

Labor Ready

2550 East Fremont Street, Ste 4
Stockton, CA 95205
(209) 463-7686

Premier Staffing Services

8807 Thornton Rd, Ste L
Stockton, CA 95209
(209) 478-8500


3421 Brookside Road
Stockton, CA 95219
(209) 477-6446

San Joaquin County Employment

56 South Lincoln Street
Stockton, CA 95203
(209) 468-3500


445 W Weber Ave, Ste 139
Stockton, CA 95203
(209) 465-1500

Workers Temporary Staffing Inc

4718 Newcastle Road
Stockton, CA 95215
(209) 462-8100


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